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phpFox is an open-source self-hosted online community software that provides individuals and organizations with the tools to create an online social environment. phpFox software comes with advanced social networking features of the top social websites. The phpFox script is optimized to be the best for creating niche social networking or online communities with lots of built-in social features and a comprehensive administration section. The software also supports customization to change as users' demands in terms of features.

Our Vision
phpFox's vision is to be the leading provider of online community and social network software solutions in the world. We envision a world where online communities and social networks are accessible, engaging and empowering.

Our Mission
phpFox’s mission is to help community builders and their users do great things together. Our up-to-date technology platform enables community members to connect, communicate and collaborate effectively.
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Customize your own enterprise social platform! Custom features and apps are a great way to enhance the user experience of a community or an enterprise social network. We can make them tailored to your community needs, allowing you to create dynamic communities where users can interact with each other, share content, and engage in meaningful conversations.

UI/UX Design


Every brand needs its unique identity to make it emerge among competitors. Designing a custom layout creates a better look for your online appearance, making it unique, standing out from the competition, and delighting your users. We also provide a whole new UI redesign aligning with your current set of tools and resources.



When your community site reaches its threshold it is important to optimize. It depends on each site’s traffic, number of users, function or data, etc. We support optimizing your phpFox site for high traffic demand, better user experience, and faster loading speed.

Mobile App Development


Bring social experience into your mobile application. We deliver custom-built mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with existing websites or enterprise social platform. Apps are feature-rich, user-friendly, and visually appealing, providing a seamless user experience across various mobile devices.



Moving to MetaFox? We've got you covered; let our team of experts support you with your migration either from other community platforms or our Legacy version (such as phpFox v3, etc. ). It is important to review the current data sets, the complexity of the current enterprise social media platforms, and the ease of exporting the data.

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  • followers10
  • Homepage www.phpfox.com
  • Location 17011 Beach BLVD, Huntington Beach, CA, United States (US)

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