Developers Program


Welcome to our developer's program. Everything added to our store is first reviewed by our team before it is approved. When a product is approved to our store we do periodic checks on the functionality of a product.


Products that crash will be removed.

Products with bugs that disrupt functionality will be removed.

Products that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be removed.

Products that include undocumented or hidden features inconsistent with the description of the Products will be removed.

Products that store users passwords or details locally will be removed.

Products that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be removed.

Products that interfere with other products or our core product will be removed.

Products that hide our debug information will be removed.

Products set as Core will not be accepted. Core is reserved for our official core and is not to be used for third party products.

Paid products are required to have either a live demo (themes and languages are required to have live) or a video demo (admin demos for example) to show the features that the product has.

All products are required to fully uninstall from the client's server when the client clicks to uninstall it. This includes files and database entries. We provide developer tutorials for adding such code to Modules (V3 style ported to V4). Apps already have this built in but you should test to ensure everything deletes.

Above are the guidelines products need to follow. We reserve the right to remove a product we see unfit to be part of our community.


Products that modify or alter our core product's source code or guide clients on modifying our source code in order to install their product will not be accepted in our store.


When you submit and publish your product you agree that phpFox can place your product within its store based on the price you define. We do not take any legal responsibility or liability for your products and simply provide a venue for you to sell and distribute it to our clients.

Products cannot include links to other stores in order to purchase the same product. If you wish to sell your product on another site, that is fine, we simply do accept these links on our site.

Products that are copies of other developer's work (piracy) will be removed and the developer will be removed from the developer program. We fully conform to DMCA and International copyright laws and take piracy of any nature seriously.

We do not allow our Moxi9/phpFox name, logo, avatars, or any representations of official phpFox association to be used by anyone other than our own company. Developers who use our Moxi9/phpFox name as part of their company name or website will be removed from the developer program.

Developers already in our program that have phpfox in their website domain name are required to state, clearly and concisely, "Not associated with the phpFox company. Independent business." on any and all media. Should we have any issues regarding client confusion over domain names with our phpFox name in them, we will require them to be changed.


Payments for products sold is done via Paypal directly to your Paypal account. Any issues with payments need to be addressed to Paypal.

phpFox reserves the right to charge developer fees again at some point. phpFox agrees that it will announce it and wait 60 days before applying the new fee.


Refunds are at the discretion of each developer but a refund policy must be clearly visible on the developer's website and linked in the product description or on the developer's profile info.


We expect each developer to act in a professional manner. Great care is to be taken with clients to ensure a pleasant experience for all involved. As such, the following standards and disciplinary measures will be employed:

Each developer will provide some form of support for paid products. The level of support and terms are up to the developer but must be stated on the developer's website (if there is one) or in the listings. Free products do not require any support but should be stated "No Support Provided" or some such statement in the product listing if you are not providing support.

Each developer is required to have a means of contact either in each listing or in their profile so clients can get in touch. This can be an email or a support system link.

Developers are not to post reviews on their products to boost their review ratings. If found, developers will be warned and possibly removed from the developer program.


We reserve the right to update our Developers Program policy at anytime.

When changes our made we update the time stamp of this policy.


When a user purchases an app in the phpFox store (located at, he/she agrees to the Store in terms of usage and according to Expert’s terms of usage. When an app purchase is completed, the Experts who sell that app may receive the following information via a webhook Endpoint: purchaser's Name, purchaser's Email, purchaser's active URL, and PayPal’s returned transaction detail. This information is necessary for third-party Experts to identify purchaser for supporting. The Experts, the 3rd-party developers could use the information for supporting only and be responsible for the term which Experts provided in each app sumited to phpFox store.